Sunday, October 04, 2015

Sam Smith's Record Breaking James Bond Theme Song

It's hard to believe, but until this week there has never been a James Bond theme song that reached #1 on the UK single chart. I say UK because Bond has always been British character and there are countless songs that people understand to be "Bond songs." Everyone will point to the 1964 Goldfinger theme as the most recognizable, but my favorite is Adele's Skyfall.

Enter Sam Smith who pays no mind to prior tracks because he's armed with a voice that is beyond comparison. Sam's new James Bond Spectre theme, Writings on the Wall, is everything you'd ever want in a Bond theme. It is driven by the timeless orchestra sound and accentuated with Sam's incredible vocal range. The emotion dripped song will tug on your heart strings and not apologize for the drama it's able to foreshadow. It won't end up being my favorite Bond track, but Sam Smith deserves all the accolades that go along with having the only #1 Bond single...#WritingsOnTheWall


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