Saturday, October 24, 2015

There's No Bass Like Wombass

I'm not sure if Tiesto has a bucket list of artists he's trying to knock out collaborations with, but here's yet another new and novel addition to his discography. This time he teamed up with Dutch producer Oliver Heldens to put together a crisp and melodic assault on our eardrums. Sticking true to the song title, it's filled with plenty of bass that blends well with the bubbly chord progression. There are enough tempo changes throughout the track to prevent the synth arrangement from feeling too repetitive. It may be a simple track, but it bangs and has enough fuel to ignite any dance floor. Unfortunately, you impatient listeners will have to wait until November 9th to cop this one, so enjoy the Soundcloud player in the mean time...#Wombass

Tiesto & Oliver Heldens – Wombass


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