Sunday, October 18, 2015

Caspa & Rusko Will Knock Off Ya Blouse an Skirt

After seeing HudMo step his live set up to another level last night, I'm starting to understand just how much I appreciate loud horns in Dubstep and Trap songs. Tracks like Chimes and 100hm come to mind if you're looking for some horny examples. I preface this post about Caspa and Rusko's new one with that because it deserves to be in the same loud horns discussion. If you remember back to 2007 when the dynamic duo released the FabricLive.37 and showed us the type of music they're capable of piecing together as CaspaRusko. Now they're back at it again with another loud and bouncy beat that will make your eyebrows raise a bit if you turn up the volume in your headphones. The provocative video below does justice to the song title and is edited in a way that puts to use wobbly transitions that emphasizes the mix of horns and bass. Tip of the cap to the two Dubstep legends and here's to hoping they have more than just this single up their sleeve...#BlouseAnSkirt


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