Thursday, October 29, 2015

Rivers Gets a Vocal Upgrade From Nico & Vinz

Prior to hearing the new version of Thomas Jack's Rivers, you would have been hard pressed trying to convince me that the song could be made better. Lucky for us, the original didn't get an entire makeover, just a vocal upgrade from Nico & Vinz. I say upgrade because somehow, some way, the new vocals managed to make the already stellar track just a little bit better. For one, the spoken words are much easier to understand, but they're delivered in the same easy-going, perfect for Trop House fashion. This begs the same question I had when the original dropped - when is the debut album coming? I know a full length EP is asking for a lot, but I'm crossing my fingers that another single will be revealed by the time I see Thomas in perform at the Regency Ballroom in about a month...#ImFeelingLucky

Thomas Jack feat Nico & Vinz - Rivers


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