Friday, July 10, 2015

Videos of the Week July 10th

Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like to have Jerry Seinfeld interview Stephen Colbert? No, of course you didn't wonder that, but now that I've planted the seed, doesn't it sound interesting? Well it was a full fifteen minutes of interesting conversation that gave me a different, more human view of Stephen Colbert. I also had no idea how closely he resembled a sea captain!

In other non-comedian news, The Chainsmokers did not disappoint with their new video for Roses. Evidently they have fun on tour, who would have known? If you've been a reader of this blog you know of my infatuation with the Holy Ship musical festival on a cruise ship. In case you're wondering, it's still on my bucket list and I continue get super jealous when I see the recap video every year. In other EDM news, it was cool seeing Skrillex add another Hip Hop collaboration to his expanding list of hits. And finishing out the week we've got the first of many Drake/Apple Music exclusives in the form on his video for Energy. Was it just me or was it more than a little weird to see him super imposed onto other peoples' bodies?...#Energy
Jerry Seinfeld Interviews Stephen Colbert on Krackle

The Chainsmokers feat Rozes - Roses (Video)

Holy Shit 2015 Recap Video

Yogi & Skrillex feat Pusha T, Trollphace & Moody Good - Burial (Video)

Drake - Energy (Video)
Photo Credit: YouTube


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