Monday, July 13, 2015

"Don't Let it Go, When You Feel This"

If you were wondering whether Young Money's EDM darlings were going to keep dipping their toes in Hip Hop, the answer is not going to shock you. Following up on singles that featured Lil Wayne and T.I., the Stafford Brothers are back with a new one with Jay Sean and Rick Ross. My reaction on first listen was excitement when Jay Sean came in over the building synths. As much as I wanted to continue liking the track, the beat came in a bit too strong, overpowering his stellar vocals. Make no bones about it, the beat goes hard with a heavy clap, but Rick Ross wasn't meant for electronic music. It's one of those "I love peanut butter" and "I love ketchup", let's try them together sort of things. Lesson learned, some things are tastier when not mixed together and not all Hip Hop/EDM collaborations are going to succeed...#WhenYouFeelThis

Stafford Brothers feat Jay Sean & Rick Ross - When You Feel This


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