Thursday, July 02, 2015

"Wait for Me the World is Changing"

Earlier this week I posted Avicii's latest Newgrass creation. Now, just two days later we've got another cross collaboration from EDM, this time with Country. In my eyes, Audien's new one with Lady Antebellum has more of a Pop sound than Country, but it's definitely not as folk-y as what we now call Newgrass. Give it a quick listen to see what I mean...

Yes, it's still a little odd that EDM and Country make such compatible bedfellows, but the sound is definitely growing on me. It doesn't matter whether the vocals are Country, Folk, or R&B...good vocals are good vocals. Meaningful harmony will always play well in EDM, so I can't say it's a surprise that Pop music is sucking tracks like this in like a black hole. Unfortunately, the track isn't out for another week, but I think the key takeaways are that Audien is a name you need to know and EDM/Country continue to work well together, which means we're going to continue to keep hearing stuff like this in the future...#SomethingBetter


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