Sunday, July 05, 2015

"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You They Ain't Big Enough"

Since early January, I've been waiting for another single from Life of Dillon. Their debut single, Overload, was a perfect mix of feel good lyrics and unique instrumentation, which left people like me patiently waiting for the next hit. This week that came in the form of Dreams. Check out the audio for the track below before I actively try and convince you to feel a certain way about the track...

Where Overload was more Tropical House, Dreams feels a bit more Newgrass/Folk-y. The vocals are as uplifting as you'd expect, but delivered with a country twang. The one common element from single one to single two is the banjo. Good heavens the banjo! Prior to this year it would have seemed out of place, but now I'm wondering why nobody experimented with it before 2015. You can find both tracks as well as three other potential gems on the UK trio's recently released #PrologueEP.


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