Thursday, July 09, 2015

'97 Never Sounded so Smooth

Is it me or is this chill EDM movement really starting to gain traction? Nearly every single day it seems like there's a new track that mixes synths and sax in way that makes you want to tilt the seat back and roll the windows down. The movement wouldn't have quite the momentum that it does now without the strong push from GRiZ. On his new one with Muzzy Bearr, there's a palpable funk in the mix that is amplified by the subtle Hip Hop/Soul samples mixed throughout. If you're asking me, the Matthew McConaghey sample and saxophone is icing on the cake because there's more than enough chill rhythms to keep a constant head nod going for the duration of the track...#Summer97

GRiZ feat Muzzy Bearr - Summer '97


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