Thursday, July 16, 2015

Eric Prydz Unleashes a Symphony of Electronics

In electronic music 99% of music could be labeled a new hit or even an anthem if it's really good. But then there's this completely separate neighborhood of songs that I'd classify as musical compositions. Those tracks that every so slowly build up and continue to add and subtract parts so flawlessly that you can't help but admire the craft that went into it. That's exactly where I would put Eric Prydz's new awe-inspiring single Opus.

Why is it called Opus? Well if you're wondering that, you didn't listen to it. The comparisons to Deadmau5's Strobe are completely on point because of how the arrangement of synthesizers go from very simple and slow to incredibly complex and fast paced. While some may not have the patience to wait through an entire 9 minutes of music, I think it's extremely awesome and now have a ton more respect for Eric Prydz as an artist. There's beauty in the boldness of going where other artists dare not go and for that I salute you Eric Prydz...#Opus

Eric Prydz - Opus


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