Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"I'm Afraid of Not Being Able to Laugh Anymore"

It's a sad and sobering fact that Robin Williams passed away about a year ago. Last August 11th the world lost a source of laughter that it will never be able to fully replace and that's a tough thing to wrap your mind away. In an attempt to "laugh the pain away" here comes Cee Lo with a tribute to Robin Williams and a few other notable actors/comedians (Philip Seymour Hoffman, John Belushi, Phil Hartman) who have passed away. If you've got an appetite for the heartfelt, press play below...

Better yet, please go to this link and watch the rapid Google search aided interactive video via Cee Lo's website:

Interactive Video

Pro tip: if you get bored watching, then switch between the Web, Images, Shopping and Videos in the top right as the video is playing. I'm struggling a bit to understand the benefit of the rapid Google searches other than to show off a unique way to create an interactive video. Maybe there's a bigger message that's being delivered, but it's lost on me. Whatever the case, it's nice to hear a new Cee Lo single and it never hurts to reminisce over impactful people who have touched the lives of millions of people before it was their time...#RobinWilliams


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