Saturday, July 18, 2015

"Make Ya Ass Shake Like a Waterbed"

If I've learned one thing, it's to expect the unexpected from The Chainsmokers. Just when you start thinking they're going slow and melodic, they leave a hand print on your ass from smacking it so hard. That's what Waterbed is in a nutshell. It has a similar melody build up to their previous single, but post-drop is a bubbly, hard-not-to-repeat hook from Waterbed. And that's now a type on the feature, the male/female duo from LA (Cat and Chad) are named Waterbed and who better to feature on a track called Waterbed.

I enjoy the fact that most people will probably nitpick Waterbed and play the "this isn't even electronic music" card on this one. More power to Alex and Drew for dabbling in Indie twerk music and continuing to carve our their own unique path. I'd much rather be surprised by something original and new that I didn't expect than hearing constant formulaic releases. Don't be shy with this one y'all, get to answering the question of what the "official" waterbed dance will be...#Waterbed

The Chainsmokers feat Waterbed - Waterbed


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