Monday, July 06, 2015

Mondays After Long Weekends Require Chill House

Getting back into the swing of work after a long holiday weekend is always a challenge. No matter how hard you try to be alert in the morning, it's always an uphill battle until the afternoon. There are enough challenges to getting back on the horse that I always find myself zoning out to some Chill House music to get me back into a work rhythm. The most recent addition to my growing list of go-to zone out tracks is ODESZA's remix of Emancipator's Eve II. It's pure instrumentation that mixes bright piano chords with dashes of quirky percussion that spans across a variety of tempos. The track is versatile, but incredibly easy to palate. Feel free and head on over to Bandcamp to donate whatever amount you see fit for the right to own the track...#Emancipator

Emancipator - Eve II (ODESZA Remix)


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