Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Pharrell Gives Apple Music Its First Exclusive Single

Boy, if you thought Pharrell was only spending his time trying to help resurrect helicopter dad of the year's career, think again. He's back at it with a new single Freedom that he debuted at Glastonbury last week. Check the video with plenty of background provided by Pharrell pre-song...
Yep, that's right, a whole lot of take-em-to-church, finger snapping soul is what makes Freedom so addictive. The jazzy piano and percussion control the ebb and flow of the energy that reaches a boiling point at the hook that will have you screaming "FREEDOM!"

If you're wondering why your iPhone continues to keep buzzing with updates tonight, it's because Apple Music has officially arrived. You can find the premiere of this track on the platform that is more or less merging with Beats Music (Beats1) and leaving little doubt that Apple will ever let us forget that you can pay them even less money to stream music rather than buying it on iTunes...but by all means feel free and do one of the two...#AppleMusic + #PrintingMoney

Pharrell - Freedom


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