Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ever Wondered What Reggae Frank Ocean Sounds Like?

Have you ever listened to someone cover another artist and thought to yourself, "I never would have ever imagined liking this track as much as I did the original." Especially when you're talking about one of the best R&B vocalists in the game like Frank Ocean, as the covering artist you've got a snowball's chance in hell to match the original. BUT , with the help of Major Lazer, did exactly that. Together they flipped Lost into a dreamy, reggae ballad, offering a complete 180 degree shift in sound from the original while maintaining the same quality. To put things in context, the song has been posted on Soundcloud for a few days and already has well over 700,000 plays. Again, no small feat and further confirmation that they did everything they could to give Frank's version a shiny new take...#LostCover

Major Lazer - Lost feat. MØ (Frank Ocean cover)


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