Sunday, July 26, 2015

"Why Don't You Wanna See, I'm a Sinner Like You"

Here's a great example of how one feature can set you up for a successful debut album. By now you're keenly aware for my affinity and also Apple's affinity for Kygo. His most recent single, Stole the Show, featured a vocalist by the name of Parson James. I really like that track, so when a new debut single called Sinner Like You from Parson flew by my neighborhood on the internet, I'm not biting. Before I get into why, give it a listen...

If you're into comparisons, I'm going to throw out Bruno Mars. Parson has a great voice and similar throwback delivery. The bluesy sound of the track meshes well with the soulfulness of his vocals on Sinner Like You. Simply put, the track has serious potential to do some damage on top 40 radio and you can count me in on those who are lining up to jump on Parson's bandwagon...#SinnerLikeYou


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