Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Europe is Still the Center of EDM

Like most worthwhile EDM creations, here comes another great progressive house anthem out of the Netherlands. I know you're thinking here comes another Afrojack banger, but not so fast! Enter @hardwell, who is much more well-known in Europe, but that's probably just because it's the epicenter for dance music and the US is only starting to catch on.

Apollo follows the tried and true formula of attention grabbing synths with angelic vocals from (token lady with a great voice). In just so happens this time to be @AmbaShepherd and you better believe she left a memorable mark on the track. I can't say for sure whether a full scale release is on the horizon for Hardwell, but that matters to me none because every now and then singles are just as noteworthy in my eyes...#StudioAlbumsAreOverrated

Hardwell feat Amba Shepherd - Apollo (Original mix)


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