Saturday, August 31, 2013

Adventure Club & Yuna Make Gold Together

Last weekend I did my best to organize six months worth of music into a data cd mix for a friend. That friend isn't as up on music and how it has evolved over the past year, so I found myself trying really hard to divide up EDM into sub-genres. What I ended up doing was creating four sub-categories: Slow Pop EDM, Trap, Fast EDM and Dance. The only sub-genre I really had trouble with were dubstep tracks like the one below from Adventure Club. I found that there wasn't enough pure dubstep in my collection to warrant a full folder, so I ended up putting most of the substep tracks into Slow Pop EDM.

If push came to shove that's what I would have dubbed Gold because it has it's fair share of build ups and drops, but the slow and steady tempo is much more suited for radio than a club. Yuna's vocals will draw you in the same way Ellie Goulding with here comparably sultry vocals. The real highlight of the track happens around the 2:57 mark where Adventure Club do their best to show out and prove why they're one of the best. Even if you're not a fan of the slower EDM ballads, you'll appreciate the ending of the track if you enjoy dubstep, so don't give up on it prematurely...#AdventureDub

Adventure Club feat Yuna - Gold


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