Sunday, October 28, 2012

Take an Adventure to Retro City

I think I'm getting closer to the core of why I'm a fan of Dubstep. As you all may have figured out, Hip Hop is where my musical fire started and as a kid growing up I was heavily influenced by DJ Screw and the whole screwed and chopped movement. I think Dubstep is to EDM what screwed and chopped is to Hip Hop for me.

Enter @AdventureDub who does Dubstep about as well as anyone in the game today. They mix fast and slow extraordinarily well on Retro City, mixing breakneck EDM pace and eventually slow it down, but crank it up with some epic drops. One thing I will say, you've gotta be in a party mood to get down to this one. It's pretty "rich" and is packed with volume and energy to the point where it's either a really good or really bad track based on your mood. Right now I'm enjoying it though because it's Sunday and I'm craking it the f word up...#WeekendsWin.

Adventure Club - Retro City (iTunes)


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