Wednesday, October 03, 2012

"Your Love Crashes Over Like a Tidal Wave"

I can't think of more than ten tracks this year that have gotten me as excited as @subfocus's new single Tidal Wave. It's becoming increasingly clear to me with every new single he releases that his "brand" of EDM/Dubstep is closest to the core of what I like about electronic music. It helps that he utilizes the tried and true EDM formula of incorporating great pop vocals from talented vocalists like @kenziemayb, @AliceGold and @alpinesmusic (below).

What sets Sub Focus apart from all the rest is his unique concoction of easy listening synthesizers with heavy doses of drum and bass. To me, he fulfills that unique niche that combines multiple types of music I enjoy, which is really appealing. What crazy is the journey I went on across the internet to find out about Sub Focus. I'll try and summarize the chronology of events...

First, I heard Internet Friends by Knife Party and wanted to learn more about them since their sound was unique. Then I saw Knife Party's lead singer was @rob_swire, who used to be the lead singer of Pendulum. Wait a minute, wasn't Rob Swire featured on a @deadmau5 track? Wait a minute what's this remix of Ghosts N' Moar by Sub Focus? Hold up, what's this concert review I'm now on that's saying how Sub Focus opened for Pendulum back in 2010 and ended up making a name for himself? It's crazy how journeys like this across the internet can result in such fruitful discoveries.

Sub Focus feat Alpines - Tidal Wave


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