Friday, October 05, 2012

Videos of the Week October 5th

Mostly Hip Hop features this week on videos with a little @mattandkim thrown in. I'm still kicking myself for the multiple times I've passed on seeing Matt & Kim on concert and they're getting dangerously close to being put on my concert bucket list with Rage Against the Machine. I enjoyed the refresher from @DONNISMUSIC with his Gimme video. I forgot how much I liked that track.

And who wouldn't want to see @SnoopDogg and @asvpxrocky play virtual soccer? Or even better, Amy Winehouse in action on a @Nas feature? Kind of eerie, but it was cool hearing hew vocals over a Nas track. Anybody else really enjoy the black and white style that @bobatl uses on the majority of his videos? #DesignLove
B.O.B. feat T.I. & Chris Brown - Arena (Video)

Donnis - Gimme (Video)

Matt & Kim Perform Let's Go on Jimmy Fallon

Snoop and A$AP Rocky Square Off in FIFA 13

Nas feat Amy Winehouse - Cherry Wine (Video)


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