Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"All You Young Wild Girls You Make a Mess of Me"

And @BrunoMars is back with another teen angst inducing pop anthem. Considering the audience I witnessed at Bruno's concert, I'm sure the lyrics are soaked in truth. It has to be somewhat awe inspiring to hear thousands of tweens screaming their little heads off at you onstage. Now they all have an anthem to be proud of that they can sing word for word with Bruno in concert as the camera pans around the audience.

Aside from being a soon to be chart-topping single on iTunes, it's slated to be the second single off his upcoming Unorthodox Jukebox album due out on December 11th. By my count, he's safely two for two on single choices as both the track below and Locked Out of Heaven hit home with his ballad hungry audience. Maybe Cam Newton should take note because it doesn't look like Bruno is headed for anything close to a sophomore slump...#UNORTHODOXJUKEBOX

Bruno Mars - Young Girls


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