Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Reggae Meets Dupstep...
in an Major Way

For starters, there isn't a group in music industry that experiments with their sound more than @majorlazer. Recently they toyed with anything from Hip Hop to smooth Reggae to upbeat Dancehall Pop to radio friendly Pop. Might as well add another to that group as they've now added Reggae Dubstep to their arsenal with Jah No Partial.

If you're like me, you pressed play on the track below already and wondered just how in the hell it all came together. The good news is, Major Lazer put out an interview letting us know how it came to fruition...

A few takeaways from watching that video:
  • @diplo is a musical genius and can probably be blamed for about 75% of Major Lazer's awesomeness. Honorable mention goes to newer ML memebers @jillionaire and @walshyfire.
  • Johnny Osbourne is as legnedary as it gets in Dancehall and everyone would be better off listening to his discography. (The vocals on Jah No Partial are sampled from his original track Mr. Marshall)
  • @Fluxpavilion's name is starting to become synonymous with the word Dubstep, which makes me think I should be familiar with more than Bass Cannon
Major Lazer's new album Major Lazer Frees The Universe was recently delayed and will be released on February 19th rather than November 6th...#freeTheUniverse

Major Lazer feat Flux Pavilion - Jah No Partial (iTunes)


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