Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Why Does it Feel So Good an Hurt So Bad?"

Despite being a somewhat foreign name to Americans, @ollyofficial is about to become a household name and radio mainstay in the US. You may remember his from his stint on X Factor, but I've been more intrested in his work with one of my favorite Hip Hop artists/writers @ClaudeKelly. With damn near 3 million followers already in tow and a few Hip Hop singles on the way, his US debut Right Place Right Time is on the right track.

In case you missed it, Olly recently put out a single featuring @chiddybang called Heart Skips a Beat. His follow up single below has a @maroon5 sound to it's about as delightfully pop and catchy as you can get for Top 40 radio. My only critique is that it's a little slow for @official_flo's usual pace, which makes his verse sound a little out of place, but I can see how the big name collabo will go a long way towards $ales. Still a solid track that will get gobbled up by the masses as Olly ascends mainstream pop significance in the US...#RightPlaceRightTime

Olly Murs feat Flo-Rida - Troublemaker


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