Saturday, October 27, 2012

"See Me Gettin Guap Right Now, See Me Gettin' Guap Right Now"

I think we can all agree that @Drake's presence in Hip Hop has carved a widen niche for Hip Hop in contemporary, radio friendly music. I'm not trying to say that there was no Hip Hop on the radio until Drake, that would just be ignorant and short-sighted. What I'm saying is there's a new style of Hip Hop that is marked by witty lyricism that translates well to radio. It's a conscious shift to toward pop without completely selling out lyrically, does that make sense?

Drake is an interesting comparison to @BigSean because Drake admittedly took part of his style from Big Sean. To me it's ironic that Drake sort of worked to pave the way for Big Sean and now he's beginning to reap the benefits with mainstream success. Success that Big Sean will continue to have with his upcoming album Hall of Fame: Memoirs of a Detroit Player.

Below is the first single off the album due out on December 18th and it features a cameo from @kanyewest and production from @youngchopbeatz and @Key_Wane. It's a fun, "look at me now that I'm famous haters" type track that will have you singing the hook to yourself. In other words, the hook sets itself quite well in your brain and you won't forget it. Every first single's goal is to be memorable and Guap accomplishes it quite well...#Guap

Big Sean - Guap (prod by Young Chop & Key Wane)


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