Thursday, October 04, 2012

"I'll Push the Lames Aside, They'll Learn"

All in one day, @ducidni managed to put his lead single Just Who I Am on iTunes and release his second single off Indicud via Soundcloud. King Wizard isn't a flashy single per se, but it's cut from the same strange cloth that all of his previous music came from.

I can't say I like his new one half as much as his lead single, but I don't mind that it will be on Indicud. Will his new album be the "Greatest album ever?" Jury is still out, but if the track below is one of the best songs (assumption based on it being a single), then the rest of the album has a ways to go. No release date to report, but two singles deep means it's in the oven and we can start getting our collective hopes up...#DontLetUsDownScotty

Kid Cudi - King Wizard


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