Tuesday, October 09, 2012

"O She Bad Bad, O She Bad Bad"

Just when you thought @TheRealEve was going fade to black, she's back...with a vengeance! The best I've got as far as describing her new @ItsJukeBox produced single below is memorable. The heavily accented chanting on the hook is strange, but in a memorable way that has a chance to catch on. One thing that you can't refute is the ferocity that Eve attacks the mic on She Bad Bad.

My guess is this will land on her upcoming Lip Lock album that's slated for a 2013 release. Believe it or not, it will include long lost singles Tambourine and Give it to You as bonus tracks on the album. For all of you keeping track at home, those singles were released five and three years ago, respectively, which sheds light on the fact that Eve hasn't released an album since 2002. That's crazy, but it's good to hear something new from her...#WelcomeBack

Eve - She Bad Bad (prod by Jukebox)


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