Monday, October 22, 2012

Concert Review: Wolfgang Gartner

It's not everyday that a world renowned electronic artist decides to run their US tour through the relatively small college town of Bloomington, Indiana. Needless to say, there was little hesitation deciding to pay a meager $20 for the ticket and travel less than two miles to see @wolfganggartner at Bluebird Nightclub.

Traditionally when I have done concert reviews, I dedicate at least a paragraph to the opening acts. For starters, I'll give credit to @PierceFulton and @popeskamusic because they did their thing warming up the crowd, but for electronic artists, it's tough for me to tell whether it's their music they're playing or just DJ-ing. I did hear some new EDM that I hadn't heard before, but in general, it was tough for me to judge whether or not they were good or not. Yes, I was entertained, but was it because of them? Can't say for sure...

Anyways, by the time Wolfgang came on, the crowd was pretty lit up off 10 cent beers. Yea, you heard me, one dime for one Coors light...all night. And Wolfgang didn't disappoint one bit. After watching his whole set, I can say with complete confidence that he's every bit as entertaining as other EDM kingpins like @Skrillex and @deadmau5. Sure the venue was much smaller (and more affordable) than the other two bigger names, but he brings energy the whole set and has an underrated discography. I say underrated because I left feeling like I was very out of touch with his best tracks, which was cool on one hand, but a little embarrassing to admit.

Unsurprisingly, my two favorite parts of his set were when he played my two favorite tracks. The first being his new single Redline and his most popular new track with @tiesto, We Own the Night (below)...

You better believe your boy was going HAM for the majority of the show when I sufficiently danced myself clean. There are still a good amount of dates left on the Love & War Tour and in case you missed it, Wolfgang just released a Greatest Hits: Back Story, as well as a new Love and War single. If you need me, I'll be catching up on his Greatest Hits since I clearly missed the boat on most of his favorites...#BetterLateThanNever


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