Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Apple iPod Bounce Commercial Song

Continuing to be a market leader in mp3 player sales as a computer company can't be an easy thing to do. Like many other people I wonder if Apple can continue to push the limits of innovation and design without Steve Jobs. Sure selling over 5 million iPhone 5's in the past month indicates the demand is still there, but what will be different going forward?

To start with, how about a speaker rocking iPod commercial that will get everyone's attention with bright products? If you haven't seen it, check the volume right quick, then hit play...

Not many people know that @itswillymoon released Yeah Yeah back in May, but kudos to Apple for picking out this diamond in the rough. iTunes link below if you want to take it home with you and wake the kids up Apple style...#PumpUptheVolume

Willy Moon - Yeah Yeah


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