Saturday, October 06, 2012

"Here's a Toast To My Ladies With Class"

God bless @NeYocompound for his consistency on lyrically uplifting, mid-tempo ballads. What I like most about his style is that he takes your garden variety "toast to the ladies" track and delivers it in such a exultant way that begs the audience to get into it. Taking it one step further, @RealWizKhalifa was a the perfect feature on Don't Make Em Like You. He clearly had Amber fresh on the mind when putting together his verse and the genuine-ness shined through.

Ne-Yo's new R.E.D. Album is due out on November 6th and he's already released three singles off the album I'm really excited about (Lazy Love and Let Me Love You. And yes, he does have a duet with @TheTimMcGraw, which should be worth the price of admission itself...#REDAlbum

Ne-Yo feat Wiz Khalifa - Don't Make Em Like You (prod by Harmony)


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