Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Buzz Track: Pitbull - Orgullo

New single off Pitbull's album that's dropping next Tues, Nov 2nd Armando. You've heard him take it to the dance floor, but he delves into a borderline electro/techno with a splash of Latin flavor on Orgullo, which loosely translates to Pride. So if you were to say Mi Orgullo!, it would mean My Pride!.

Needless to say I can see a whole lotta Latinos and Latinas fist pumping to this culturally uplifting club banger that is probably already getting the wax played off it in Miami. It'll definitely make it to a club near you soon, worry not don't make a prideful anthem like this and keep it on ice, you play it and promote it all over the radio to make sure everyone who shares the same pride gets the message.
Go out and support @PLANETPIT, dude makes some high octane club music. If it weren't for him, you'd probably be stuck with Black Eyed Peas every other song...wait a sec...I think I just heard another BEP song. #HereWeGoAgain + #IMissTheOldBEP

Indulge with some drinks to the play button below, it has the energy to start a party...#WordIsBond

Pitbull - Orgullo (This is For)


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