Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Daft Punk Sprinkled With N.E.R.D.s

Interesting collab with N.E.R.D. dipping into the Daft Punk alectronic flavor for a minute. The only thing more out there than this song is N.E.R.D's website, which literally explodes at you if you hover over the middle of the page. It definitely sounds more @nerdarmy than other word it's less dance/electro and a lot more...uh... weird Hip Hop? Over a mid-tempo, bubbly, danceable beat Pharrell comes equipped with a seductive falsetto, sure to made old school R&B fans cringe.

I'm not sure how much I like this track, but I was a little let down when I saw Daft Punk as the feature and then didn't get much of a dose. I did find the whole "20s, 50s, 5s, 10s" bridge toward the end of the track interestingly robotic and awkward to a point that I find myself singing it every time I hear this song. This is set to be the third single off N.E.R.D.'s upcoming album Nothing due out on Nov 2nd.

Give it a listen, it may take a while to grow on you, but it's not like most music you hear...which is a victory in it's own right with Hip Hop sounding more like a bakery of late with so much cookie cutting goin' on...

N.E.R.D feat Daft Punk - Hypnotize U
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