Sunday, October 31, 2010

808 Check: Slim Thug - Murda (prod by Beanz n Kornbread)

No disrespected to Slim Thuggga, but this is the second time I've featured a Beanz n Kornbread produced track with the 808 check tag; thus, they deserve the image love above in an attempt to spotlight their continuing contributions to bassheads and beat aficionados around the globe. To say this beat bangs is like saying Jacory Harris is going to wake up a little sore tomorrow...

Daaaaammmnn dude got rooted into the earth, forget getting planted! Tough break, but feeding all these Florida, Texas (Baylor? really?) and Miami fans a steady diet of humble pie via college football this season has been fun to watch!

Anyways, this track embodies what Texas rap is supposed to embody, simple, but hard rhymes with a SLOW, LOUD and BANGIN' beat (SLAB). I'm a big fan of @slimthugga, but don't expect anything crazy lyrically, this track is like a pizza at the end of drunken night, tastes delicious when you're in the mood.

Press play if you're in the mood and give a follow to @beanznkornbread on Twitter while you're at it...
Slim Thug - Murda (prod by Beanz n Kornbread)


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