Wednesday, October 06, 2010

"I’m the Authority of Model Seniority, They Call Me Les but They All Need More of Me"

This whole G.O.O.D. Music Friday (or Saturday in this instance) is turning out to be a pretty badass weekly gift from Ye. I thought last week's edition with Jigga leading the way with a strong effort from the unheralded @cyhidaprynce was a solid cut, only to be bettered this week by another marathon of lyricism put on by a similar, but slightly different crowd. You'd think there would be potential for @kanyewest, @pusha_T or even Cudi would take this track over and win the top verse...but then outta nowhere swoops in @ryanleslie for the kill.

Best part of the track by far is when the beat transforms from a bouncy, rolling upbeat vibe to more of a b-boy style beat with more percussion leading up to the beat calming completely for R Les to absolutely murder his verse. My guess is that Kanye let R Les have more than a little creative control over the beat. I hope that was the case anyways because they're both production geniuses in their own right and this song is a perfect example of a tale of two beats meshing together for an epic collaboration of Hip Hop talent. It's as if they divided it up 50/50 with Ye and Pusha T taking on the bouncier 808 flavor before the beat gave way to a slower, more deliberate feel which catered to Banks, R Les and Cudi's style more.

Check R Les's verse below:
"It’s time for a lesson in model behaviour
Damn, look at all the bad b-tches I gave you
Man, I can see the flaws to your flavor
Look like wonder woman and still need a savior
Maybe its a billionaire maybe its that cocaine
I done seen drugs and money run the whole game
A good girl lost in the city life
Agent Provocateur holding titties right
I’m haute couture of hoes galore
Give my girl a newport ’cause she’s smoking yours
I’m the authority of model seniority
they call me Les but they all need more of me"
Beautifully crafted and delivered sir Ryan Leslie, you continue to fly under the proverbial radar, leaving fans with tracks like this that leave Hip Hop fans all dumbed out wondering why he doesn't put out more material. I'm not tryin' to give him all the credit neither 'Ye, you've still got us all eating out of the palm of your hand every Friday anxiously awaiting another track that will probably be better than the last and leave us salivating for your materpiece eloquently titled Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Kanye West ft Kid Cudi, Pusha T, John Legend, Lloyd Banks & Ryan Leslie – Christian Dior Denim Flow


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