Saturday, October 30, 2010

"I Will Break These Chains That Bind Me, Happiness Will Find Me..."

"...Leave the past behind me, today my life begins"
I'm not sure if this didn't make the cut for Doo Wops & Hooligans or whether this was just a random unreleased, but either way I can't think of a good reason why it couldn't have been added to the "slim" 10 song track listing provided by the album. The song is a great example why I love sharing friends with people I care about. When I'm wading through hundreds of songs per month like any self respecting and thorough music blogger, it's easy to discount or miss on a few tracks. This track would qualify as a miss for me, maybe because I figured if it wasn't good enough to make the album, it was more of a throwaway, unreleased track.

Luckily for me, I made a mix for a special someone who told me it was her favorite track on the mix and I was initially surprised because it was more of an at the end throw in because I knew she liked Bruno Mars. Call it new music redundancy or sealing the cracks to make up for lack of time to devote to listening, either way it's a way for me to people who enjoy the same type of music I do happy, while also getting valuable feedback on what's new. Call it a new age symbiotic relationship, either way it's a good system that benefits everyone.

Gaining appreciation of the track aside, this is a really well put together ballad. It's becoming harder to find any chinks in @brunomars's armor of late with his album currently holding down the #24 spot after having peaked at #3. It's tracks like this with a glass half full vibe to it that I tend to take a liking to because of it's unrelenting positivity. It's all about learning from the past, wading through adversity and being able to smile through it all. If you're needing a pick me up because you're having trouble with the adversity, listen to Bruno and make today the day your life begins...again.

Beautiful fall weekend folks, lot to happy about, I could think of no better track to post today. Give it a listen...

Bruno Mars - Today My Life Begins


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