Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Hey Momma I Made It, To the Bright Lights and Stages, I Remember I Was so Impatient"

This just might be my #1 track when I send out my monthly song list in a few days, ranking the best in new music. Before I preface why it's such a great track, click on the video below to see Donnis perform the track on BET's 106 &'s a big reason why I started liking the track so much...

Between this track, Over Do It, Gone and Tonight, there's plenty of reason why I continue to speak of @DONNISXDONNIS in the same "Blow Up Watch for 2011" category that artists like J Cole and Wiz Khalifa are in.

The track below is off his Fashionably Late EP that was released back in September. If you read this blog frequently, you know that I tend to favor tracks that are high energy and give the listener a feeling like they enjoy and appreciate the art or music they are creating. That sort of qualifying statement is a great start in describing I Made It, which has this uplifting tone to it that's infectious. It perfectly embodies the excitement and unfiltered joy that anyone should feel when they've really made it, making it a picturesque anthem to personify the feeling.

To say it's a feel good track doesn't really do it justice, it's beyond that...kinda like saying Donnis is going to be a breakthrough artist...huge understatement and I'm still buying his stock, drinking his kool aid, whatever you wanna call it...I'm in and you should be too. Proofs in the pudding, press play below and prepare to nod your head and smile...

Donnis faet Priscilla Renea - I Made It
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