Sunday, October 10, 2010

Buzz Track: Kevin Cossom feat Fabolous & Diddy - Baby I Like It (prod by Danjahandz)

"No choice but to like it, 
If she bad I'ma check on it, Nike it"
Last year on a New Artist Spotlight I raved about how great Kevin Cossom's Hook vs Bridge mixtape was and said a prayer aloud that we'd get more material from him in the form of an album. Apparently someone may have been listening as the first single has dropped off @KEVINCOSSOM's upcoming album set to debut in 2011. Being signed to Danja's NARS record label, he's got argueably the hottest producer collaborating on most of his material and when combined with Kevin's  writing talents, it's a tough combination to match.
As far as this track is concerned, you get a tutorial on how to manipulate tempo on a beat as Danjahandz, adds and subtracts beat elements, which highlights different parts of the beat and verses providing the appropriate spotlight and get the most out of the track. From the onset where @MYFABOLOUSLIFE jumps in on his verse over a hyped up rolling beat aided by ad libs by @IAMDIDDY. I found it cool that the bass on the track is added, subtracted throughout the track to emphasize the other words you can clearly hear the lyrics throughout the verses, but when the hook his. the bass takes over, giving the track an energy boost that will only serve to make folks wilds out on the dance floor.

Go support Kevin on iTunes, this is a track that needs to be added to your Party/Get Hype playlist. Great chance this is going to be your girl's favorite song, it's got that club appeal and upbeat dance vibe that is irresistible to girls in heels...


Kevin Cossum feat Fabolous & Diddy - Baby I Like It (prod by Danjahandz)


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