Thursday, October 28, 2010

Usher Flirts With Danja and Admits It

Oh how perfect, an upbeat country guitar beat laden track about admitting to cheating! Wait what...? Yea kinda interesting, maybe if you see it from the "I'll never do it again, I'm a changed man" angle it seems more appropriate? Subject matter aside, the beat is hella-head nod worthy as Danjahandz delivers more of a rolling, rhythmic style beat that is in stark comparison to much of his bread and butter work with the synythesizer and exaggerated claps.

Kinda hard not to get lost in the happy, energetic vibe this track exudes. Just sounds like a real high quality, sharp, well produced track, which is what you should expect from @usherraymondiv and the legendary handz of Danja. Put this one on your driving to Happy Hour from work mix, it'll put you in the right mood...

P R E S S P L A Y B E L O W...

Usher - I Did It (prod by Danjahandz)


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