Friday, October 29, 2010

I RedOn(c)e Nicole Scherzinger Was Poisonous

This track goes harder than an Econolodge bed man...WOW! There are club tracks, party starters, upbeat anthem and then there are tracks that backhand you in the face with rolling club bass and piercing synth/guitar riffs. Betcha can't guess which one this falls under?

Serious serious credit goes to @redone_official on the assist for throwing together a beat that shows plain and simply that @Ladygaga is somewhat of a product of great production (RedOne has produced many of her hits). That's not to take away from her eccentricity by any means though, her audcious personality is more than half the reason why she has become as influential as she has (almost 7 million Twitter followers!). #Truth

Very rarely too do we have a video come out at about the same time the track drops. This one again bucks the trend, see below...
Ladies are gonna lose it in the club when this track comes on, no doubt about that. It's coated with that bad girl, independent, strong woman vibe, which will make it every bit as much of a club anthem for the ladies. @nicolescherzy was the main act when it comes to PCD and she's proven time and again she can speed it up or slow it down, making her one of the more versatile pop singers out.

Most important take away from this track...any time you see (prod by RedOne) at the end of a track, it's in your best interests to check it out. Give him a follow while you're at it, in my opinion great producers crank out consistently hot music at a higher, more steady rate than your favorite artist. Come to terms with it and start giving some love to the guys behind the boards...#ProducersNeedLoveToo

Give it a couple listens...and don't be stingy with the volume...

Nicole Scherzinger - Poison (prod by RedOne)


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