Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"The Square Root of 69 is 8 Somethin', Cuz I’ve Been Tryna Work it Out"

Below is the supposed 2nd single off Ri-Ri's upcoming album Loud, due out on Nov 12th. Adding a jump start verse is ya boy @drakkardnoir who does his what he always does on R&B flavored tracks...drop a swagger soaked, smooth as silk verse, setting an upbeat tone to a playfully upbeat track. Radio is gonna wrestle this one away from the grasps on the internuts soon enough, so worry none kind reader, you'll see this on the top 40 soon enough.

Gotta give a quick tip of the hat to @RIHANNA for the quality of her new album. I'm finding it hard to be critical of tracks that have leaked off of Loud because she's got the dance tracks (Only Girl in the World and Who's That Chick as well as slower, mid-tempo tracks like the one below. We'll see if her third single off the album S&M lives up to the first two, but either way a video has been shot for What's My Name, so be on the look out for that. Double dap to Stargate for orchestrating another addictive radio hit...between this and Wiz's Black and Yellow, it's been a good month for the production duo.

Give it a listen...

Rihanna feat Drake - What's My Name (prod by Stargate)
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