Thursday, October 14, 2010

"I Welcome Ya’ll to Be My Co-Pilots on This Spaceship"

"At times I hate my reflection and others I’m conceited
Half the time I’m arrogant other times I’m vengeful
At times it’s to convince me, at times it’s to convince you"
Wow...that was my first reaction after hearing this track. My second reaction, immediately following the second consecutive play was, Hooooooly SH**! This is top notch @mousebudden, from the storytelling to the wordplay to the crazy chemistry he's got with @jcardim. Y'all remember those tracks he did at the start of the year, Money's on Me and Keep On? I still can't press next when I anticipate and then hear how the beat flips after a minute on Money's on of the more disgusting mid-track flips of tempo I have ever heard.

Even better Joe recruits Slaughterhouse member Crooked I to donate a verse on the track, which takes the lyrical credibility of the track up at least three notches. The best part of the track is by far on the hook when Joe summons his inner 2pac and puts to work that baritone on the "Tell me if you wanna ride or die, La La La La La La La La". Shouts out to Cardim on the beat too, the way he manipulates it around the verses, letting the spotlight be shone on the lyrics before he takes it up a notch on the hook, injecting energy into an already cocaine addictive hook.

For all of you at home, that's two top notch cuts off Mood Muzik 4 already and if that hasn't gotten you excited enough, check out his four part series of promo videos for his new album...due out on Nov 9th...
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Crazy hot track below...might be in contention with all these Kanye tracks floating around this month for top track...give it a few listens and share in the excitement of MM4, it's gonna be better than you anticipate...

Joe Budden feat Crooked I - Sober Up (prod by J. Cardim)
| Download


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