Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sample Justice: Nikki Flores vs Journey - City Lights

Out of all the Sample Justices I've passed judgment on this may be toward the top of the list as far a no brainer, emphatic, hell yesses when it comes serving justice for the sample provided. In case you haven't heard of the beautiful Nikki Flores, you may need to check out a few of her other tracks like Suffocate (prod by Danja) and I Wanna Know You Like That.

It does take quite a bit of courage and audacity to try and tackle a track as classic and timeless as Journey's - Lights. Check it out below if you need a quick F5...

I would have been skeptical of her ability to navigate such a tall task on her own, but under the guidance of the extremely talented Ryan Tedder, it proved to be well within her vocal and musical talents to take the original and put a 21st century spin on it. To get a feel for her musical talents, where she is going with her new album and to get a firsthand sample of how angelic of voice she has, click the play button below...

Pretty tough to beat her potential as an artist, she's got the looks, the voice and now she's under Ryan Tedder's Patriot Records umbrella.

Go out and support Nikki by copping the real version here and give it a listen while you're at it. You be the judge, was justice served?

Nikki Flores - City Lights (prod by Ryan Tedder)


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