Saturday, October 02, 2010

"Now She Just Text Her Girlfriend With a Capitol U CAN JOIN!"

Toss up between this and Right Above It as the best Weezy F and Drake track off I Am Not a Human Being. Interesting too that @liltunechi decided to stick to a digital release (#1 already on iTunes)for two weeks before putting out the hard copy of the disk to retailers on Oct 12th.

I give the nod to Lil Wayne on the verses here as the metaphors are every bit as playful, in-your-face and on point with lines like:
"I’m a young God, swagga un-flawed
b-tch Im in the building, you in the front yard
lifes a b-tch yeah, better yet a dumb broad"
We still have The Carter 4, Drake's R&B mixtape and Snicki Minaj's album to come in the coming months. All will provide more than a fair share of momentum for the empire that is becoming Young Money.

Give it a listen...

Lil Wayne feat Drake - Gonorrhea
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