Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Diddy At It Again...Dirty Money feat T.I. - Hello Good Morning (prod by Danjahandz)

Just last week Diddy opened the American Idol results show with this track and the performance below:

Not gonna lie that strobe light dance breakdown at the 2:20 mark was kinda sick...even with Diddy's dance moves. A lotta people hate on Diddy for his cut throat business ways, but you can't hate on the genuine energy he brings to music that his name is attached to. Let's just say it must be nice to have him in your corner because he likes making money and if you're gonna help him do that, he'll be your biggest resource. Just watching him work the stage, engage the crowd, hug the judges and Seacrest...it all goes into pulling people in and it's a job he does remarkably well. With a single like this coming out, Dirty Money has a one way ticket toward commercial success.
PS Danja assassinated this beat...holy ish, man that combination of upbeat synthesizers with the bowling ball heavy bass is awe inspiring. Only he and Timbo seem to be able to seamlessly switch up the beat mid-track (like where Diddy is rapping on this track) and have it sound like it was meant to happen. That 10 second bass transition between beats at the 2:46 mark in the song is also pretty disgusting in it's own right.

Before I forget, don't discount T.I.'s verse and continuation of him putting his mark on just about every new Hip Hop and R&B track lately. That whole year off doesn't seem to have fazed Clifford one bit:
"Hello, good morning, how you doing with the movie
And welcome to the future I’m the captain of the cool kids
The revolutions never been televised
Great booty better thighs I ain’t wanna tell her bye"
Great club track, look forward to this comin' out the speakers the next time you're in a dance floor mood...

Dirty Money feat T.I. Diddy - Hello Good Morning (prod by Danjahandz) HHOOOTTTT NEW R&B!!!!!

BONUS: Guess Rick Ross already wants a piece of the track and decided to get in on the remix already...before most people even know about it. Check it...

Dirty Money feat Rick Ross T.I. Diddy - Hello Good Morning (remix) Hotttt!!!!


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