Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Live Starting Five...Pac Div feat The Cool Kids - Shut Up

Pac Div (aka Pacific Division) and Cool Kids make up The Live Starting Five (as referenced by Chuck Inglish on the track Knocked Down).

The Cool Kids are from Chicago and Pac Div are from Southern Cali, hence "our other three members run the West Coast triangle" in the snippet. The five members blend well together since they share the same throwback style with the in your face but simple beats and lyrical diction that commands respect. This track doesn't deviate from that last sentence as this beat goes pretty hard and the deliberate flow of each of the respective rappers.

What can you take away from this track?'re not gonna get blown away by any crazy creative lyrics, but you will be impressed with how well the verses are executed. This song doesn't even need a hook, in fact I would have much rather had a verse from Chuck on the track rather than listen to the chorus. Take it for what it's worth, both these groups (Pac Div and Cool Kids) are two of my favorite groups in the game because they truly don't sound like anything else in Hip Hop. They are delicacies stylistically in a Hip Hop game that has become increasingly vanilla.

Have a bite of this watermelon sundae of a track and peep the video below....

Pac Div feat The Cool Kids - Shut Up HOTTT!!!


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