Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Zoned Out!!...B.O.B. - Satellite

This Bobby Ray cat is really growing on me man. Being an openly Stan-like Aubrey Drake Graham advocate, the question the past year or so has been what new artist can be considered second best new artist out? After Cudi's album, there was no question, he had fully held secured that spot with his Man on the Moon album. While I was a big fan of Wale's Attention Deficit album, it didn't quite top Cudi's effort and since then, there hasn't been what I would consider a new challenger.

That all may change on April 27th, when B.O.B.'s Adventures of Bobby Ray comes out (pre-order here). Tracklist just came out this week (below):

Tracklist for The Adventures of Bobby Ray
1. Don’t Let Me Fall
2. Nothin’ On You (feat. Bruno Mars)
3. Past My Shades (feat. Lupe Fiasco)
4. Airplanes (feat. Hayley Williams Of Paramore)
5. Bet I (feat. T.I. x Playboy Tre)
6. Satellite
7. Ghost In The Machine
8. The Kids (feat. Janelle Monae)
9. Magic (Feat. Rivers Cuemo)
10. Fame
11. Lovelier Than You
12. 5th Dimension (feat. T.I. x Ricco Barrino)
13. Airplanes (Part II) (feat. Eminem x Hayley Williams Of Paramore)
14. Higher (Bonus)*
15. Mellow Yellow (Bonus)*
16. Yesterday (Bonus)*

You may saying to yourself, yea his Nothin' on You track with Bruno Mars was pretty good, but is album really going to be that good? Well in case you missed it, I wrote about another track on his last Mixtape May 25th titled Bet I featuring at the time Playboy Tre. Since then a T.I. verse has been added to the track and it will also be featured on his upcoming album. Thats two out of 2 in the bank as solid album tracks.

Those first two reasons don't compare to the subject of this post, B.O.B.'s new track Satellite. While the hardcore Hip Hop heads will hardcore hate on this track because "it's too soft" or "it's too pop", I say effff that. Tracks like this are the reason most  up and coming Hip Hop artists are going to make money while you sit at home and rap about cars, hoes and the diamonds all up in your watch piece. These new cats are talented artists, not just rappers. Show me another Hip Hop artist that can pull off acoustic soul like Bobby Ray did below in another track off his new album titled Lovlier Than You:

That's the 3rd track on his album that are in the bank as songs I really like off the new album for y'all counting at home. Goes without saying, dude is crazy talented and actually has a pretty good voice to go along with skills as a lyricist. Oh yea, notice he can play the guitar too? (sit down again average Hip Hop artist)

Which leads us to his new track Satellite, where he takes us on a Cudi-esque trippy journey across the galaxy. Both artists attempt (and pull off) what amounts to a relaxed, chilled out, on-some-other-shit type of mood with their tracks like this. Stylistically fresh is what comes to mind when listening to this, with a touch guitar it comes off as a soulful lullaby, daring you to classify it as pop, but only because he has a pretty good voice and can pull off both singing and rhyming at different times on one track. Who needs someone to sing the hook when you can yourself? I say amen to that Bobby Ray...enjoy this one folks and look for lots more to come from Mr. Simmons....

B.O.B. - Satellite Great Track!!!!!

As a bonus, here is Bobby Ray's remix featuring Big Boi from Outkast who drops in for a quick cameo verse...

B.O.B. feat Bruno Mars & Big Boi - Nothin' On You (remix) Solid Remix!!!


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