Monday, April 19, 2010

Buzz Track: AON feat IYAZ - My Girl (prod by JR Rotem)'s officially cool nowadays to go by an acronym rather than your real name. We have two examples of that here with IYAZ whom you've now heard a few different hits from. IYAZ's real name is Keidran Jones and I really have no idea how that loosely translates to his stage name. On the other hand we have new up and coming artist AON, out of all places Chicago (is it me or is Chicago gettin' it in of late with new artists?). His real name is Hence Opoku, while his stage name stands for Ambitious Or Nothing, which makes for a little more understandable and unique real name/nickname combo than IYAZ.

On top of that, dude is only 16! Pretty crazy, but my guess is captain radio hit himself (JR Rotem) snatched up this talented kid, put his new artist IYAZ (who has a undeniably radio friendly voice now) on the hook and said let's see if this catches fire?. My prediction is that once a few people get a listen of this track it will end up being a pretty sizeable, well-known top 25 hit and do some serious work on the charts. I don't know if it will be able to reach IYAZ's Replay status, but still this is a real feel good summertime feeling track. I'll be the first to admit, I slept on this track last month and didn't give it the proper credit...until I realized on my road trip to DC this weekend how much I actually liked the track.

I'm not about to discount this as a young cat jumping on a ready-made Rotem hit either. AON has some swag about his flow, he doesn't sound like he's 16 at all. While the hook is what will suck people in with IYAZ's addicting reggae flow, the verses aren't a let down at all in my opinion. Given it's easier to drive when you've got JR at the wheel, but still there's something more here than just a young kid making one radio hit. Take for instance the last verse of the track where AON shows a lil' lyrical creativity...

"It's a fact, I should have them bragging rights
cause my girl be the baddest and uh...she actin right
it's magic right how she keep me Glad-ys night
I gotta beat it, cause lil momma bad as Mike
Her body mean even when she actin nice
In fact I might, wife if she actin right
Give her bling so bright it will max the light
Can't be a playa no more, I have to wife"

And then when he finishes with a line like...

"You so can keep my first and my last name...HAHA!!"

...smh...but still a good line and an exhibit of the swag on deck. Lookin' forward for more to come from AON, but man no lie, every time I've listened to this track the past week it's done nothing by pour more gasoline on it's potential...somethin' tells me if you don't get to listenin' to this soon, you're gonna miss the bus and it's gonna be on everyone else's playlist before you...don't be typical, cop it and share it with your friends you greedy melon farmer...

AON feat IYAZ - My Girl (prod by JR Rotem) HOTTT SUMMER TRACK!!!


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