Saturday, April 17, 2010

Setting a Lyrical Standard...Royce da 5'9" feat Crooked I & Bun-B - Nobody F'in With Us

With half of Slaughterhouse being represented on this track in combination with one of my favorite artists, Bun-B, it wasn't a stretch to say I was going to like this track before even listening. After listening to it, I left thinking to myself...wait hold up...Crook and Bun killed it, but again I was reminded of how incredibly underrated Royce da 5'9" is as a lyricist. Evidently this isn't even the final version of the track as Joe Budden and a few others are going to lend a verse which will eventually push the track length over 10 mins. Let's just rail off a few notable quotables from the track:

Bun-B off top -"Let's get it started like transmission and alternators got the keys in the cage ready for who you call the greatest"

Crooked I - "I'm the present in the future, like Christmas in 2012 I'm the present in the future"

"I am tighter than the Biggest Losers cruisin in a smart Car, distinguished alke, the flask on the ar-mour"

Royce da 5'9" (best verse by far, he gets it all posted)
"Flow tight I should probably ghost write for your idol
my pen game is god like I could write for the Bible
I'm so good
That after I rock it tonight
I'ma go Sexual Chocolate and drop the mic!
Don't even attempt to stop me
Mention me, top me
my pencil is nice it should only be mentally dropping the dice
I'm a speech beast you best do not approach me
Matter of fact I think I'll second that emotion like a retweet
my stock goin up like a Lamborghini door
I feel like Chuck Woolery in the damn Bernini store
You playin yourself you remind me of the lotto
You was good then you turned hood you remind me of Muscato
I don't aim I'm like Dick Cheney
The fo sprayer, light yo head up like lil pay-in when he get angry
This ain't Simon says, b**** this what Ryan says
I hit the track and its a wrap like Aunt Jemima's head
I'm beyond out of my mind
If you can imagine using Magic's Johnson without a condom I'm BONKERS! the streets goin dude is tremendous
If I come for your blood I ain't gon be usin' syringes
I am raw, there is a difference between I and y'all
You oppose, you throwin an iron wall
The sound of Alan G Black signin his name on the dotted line
is your favorite rapper signing off...."

Crazy creativity, wordplay and flow....can't wait for Joey to bless the track too. Give it a listen if you're in the  freestyle mood and can appreciate some lyrics dipped in swagger....

Royce da 5'9" feat Crooked I Bun-B - Nobody F'in With Us HOTTTT!!!!


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