Thursday, April 22, 2010

Throwback Thurs: Mr Pookie & Mr Lucci - Late Night Coastin/Crook 4 Life

Back around 2000, I was going through my Texas rap phase, growing a stronger appreciation for the likes of UGK (Pimp C, Bun-B), Scarface, stuff produced by Michael 5000 Watts...basically any and everything surrounding Swishahouse and Houston. During my audio journey around Texas, I stumbled on a couple lesser known artists that caught my attention, Mr. Pookie and Mr. Lucci.

Being the older of the two, Mr. Pookie hit the scene around 1999 with his debut album titled Tha Rippla, which to this day (according to Soundscan) is the highest selling Hip Hop album (selling over 90,000 copies independently) by a rapper from Dallas (between regular and chopped/screwed).

Mr. Lucci is considered more of the protege, being 5 years younger (17 when he released his first album Diabolical). Together the two form a great one-two combo, so much so they have Myspace page together? While they both  have slightly different tones when rapping, they both have a quick paced flow and are known for their Southern drawl. They also subscribe to some of that low bass, which isn't afraid to do a little work on the posterior end of motor vehicles...

You won't know who the hell these guys are, but it's different from what you usually hear and is classic playlist worthy in my modest opinion...give 'em a listen...

Mr. Pookie feat Mr. Lucci - Crook 4 Life Classic!!!!

Mr. Lucci feat Mr. Pookie - Late Night Coastin' Classic!!!!


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