Thursday, April 29, 2010

Throwback Thursday: B.O.B. - Haterz

Just in case you all wanna call Shenanigans on my support for Bobby Ray and just about all the music he has put out recently, I'm gonna take you back to May 21, 2007 (to be exact) when I first heard a track from this artist we now know as B.O.B. I was doin' about 65 in cruise control on the net frequenting the music blogs and such that I was following at the time when I came across one of my favorite blogs at the time, (which now routes to, a forward focusing blog in it's own right) who was making a concerted effort to make sure I downloaded a track called Haterz.

At the time it was just another new artist, but like any talented act that is new to the game, it finds a way to rise above the hundreds of tracks that make it way onto my iPod and get quickly passed over unless I hear something I like. That "something" can be anything from a catchy beat, a whole lotta bass, well thought out lyrics, great vocals...there are lots of ways to have "it", but much more reason to lack "it". Luckily, my ex didn't let me down for a change and I was able to find what I was looking for when I was in search of an answer. You know I'm too cot damn nerdy and full of spite to be talkin' about my ex gf, so luckily my ride til I die (Seagate) ex had a file titled May 2007 Song List that reminded me B.O.B.'s Haterz song was my 26th favorite song that month. In fact my exact words about the track were:
"26.B.O.B. feat Wes Fif – Haterz everywhere….another example of how a trance beat works in rap and r&b….one of those out of nowhere tracks that has some commercial appeal….prob wont make it but, worth a listen and worth givin some credit too cause the underground is and always will be legit and underrated…..oh c’mon just cause you knew I felt that way, doesn’t mean I’m preaching to the choir"
-Excerpt from May 2007 GWDJ Song List
That Song List sample above is a not so subtle reminder that I done been on my grizzly adams on my Song List tip for years now, so while you may just now be tuning in, the rookie card has been appreciating value for more than few hot minutes now. Now that I think of it, I'm really enjoying this weekly Throwback Thursday post because over the years soo many diamonds have remained in the rough that I take pride in archeologying the shit out of these fossils since they will probably still be regarded by you there reading this as new when you listen to crispy is that word doc viewer?? My goodness I'm glad I chose to invest in such an innovative service...all the dedicated monthly Song List folk have never been caught lookin' down...cause they know waasssup! (credit :Drake)

I digress...and am very willing to admit that I was wrong about Bobby Ray not making it since his album is estimated at selling 85,000 copies the first week, which should put him comfortably atop most Hip Hip charts. And that's before pop culture gets to chew on Airplanes for a couple months, which should do nothing but increase his radio $$$ appeal.

What I was not incorrect about was the likability of the trance backdrop to his bouncy debut track. Sure, the upbeat chanting of "we got 'em goin down for the count, lookin' at the ground, I think you're a hater, I think you're a hater, haterz everywhere we go" is what makes this track catchy, but it's also anecdotal evidence of how much B.O.B. has and hasn't changed. Yes, the east Atlanta, Decatur drawl is still there and every bit as unique and memorable, but the flow is so much more refined and less choppy than this track, it's a testament to musically growing over the past three years. The simple, sing-songy lyrics are still there and every bit as dumbed down, but still upbeat and accessible as they are now on his new album The Adventures of Bobby Ray.

If you're a fan of Bobby Ray now, you'll appreciate this track and be able to consider yourself more of a true fan knowing that this was how he first started to get his name out as an artist. Give it a listen....HATERZ!!!

B.O.B. feat Wes Fif - Haterz Classic B.O.B.!!!

Oh you've only heard the remix with Lil Wayne? Might as well include that while I'm at it...

B.O.B. feat Lil Wayne Remy Ma - Haterz (remix) Hottt!!!!


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